Mobile Operations for a Mobile Customer and a Mobile World.

The bizzie operating system was built from the ground up and employs innovative features to bring your operation and business to the next level.

The bizzie Technology Consists of:

  • Route Runner 2.0. bizzie created a plant and route management system built from the ground up to manage orders, deliveries, customer comments and billing. Route Runner 2.0 was created by people who work in the drycleaning industry to be an easy to use, yet powerful tool that interfaces with existing POS systems. It provides the ability to not only track orders, but through patented technology, tracks actual photos of the customer’s order and allows for customer notation. It makes lost orders a thing of the past, reduces customer complaints and provides added security in the customer’s eyes.
  • Mobile driver application.The mobile management application draws from Route Runner 2.0 to make pick-up and delivery management more efficient while reducing errors. When an order is received, it is scanned into the system and instantly placed before the bag arrives at the plant. Customer alerts occur at the point of delivery, so they know when the order has been delivered and prompts them to pick it up from a locker, their front door, or front desk (through text messages, email, or through the customer’s mobile app). Drivers using the system will find the speed of tracking, delivering and managing routes a powerful resource. Now you can track your orders, know where the drivers are along the route and make real-time changes if special needs arise.
  • Consumer mobile application.The bizzie customer has already gone mobile; the drycleaning industry has been slow to catch up, until now. Through the bizzie mobile app, a customer can quickly create an account and place an order. It’s one more element of convenience that will lower the barrier for new customer acquisition and customer retention. Because the application can be downloaded anywhere, you can reach new customers, anytime, anyplace.
  • The bizzie website. Customers will have the ability to sign up for an account, track orders, see previous purchases, access their own bizzie closet filled with photos of the items they have sent in, make comments and find bizzie box locations. All of this backed by SEO and SEM best practices that will push the bizzie brand to the forefront of search and help a local partner compete like a large national brand.

According to a Nielsen survey:

  • There are more than 1 billion smartphones globally, and that number is expected to double by 2015.
  • More than half of cell phone subscribers use smartphones and two-thirds of newly activated phones can run apps.
  • More than 55 billion apps have been downloaded globally.
  • American users have an average of 67 apps on their devices.