Why Franchise

Your new business. In a box.

bizzie was created to solve the problem many drycleaning route businesses and local laundry services have yet to overcome: getting to the customer in an efficient and easy way.

Through the bizzie system, we have cracked the code. bizzie opens the door to new customer acquisition and route density.

Our operational model and ongoing marketing and IT support will arm a local franchise partner with an arsenal of resources that would be impossible to acquire and manage alone:

Marketing Support on a National and Local level:

The bizzie home office helps coordinate marketing for local partners. They create ongoing marketing campaigns, national and local press attention, brand launch events, micro-marketing resources, social media management and ongoing training to drive customers to your door.

Operating and Mobile Technology:

It would be very difficult to create from scratch at a local level the operating system bizzie has developed . bizzie brings the powerful combination of plant and route operating systems together with mobile technology and applications that make route management, business management and customer orders all easy to use. To see details on how the bizzie system works, click here.

Patented Processes:

The bizzie system employs processes and technology protected under federally- protected patents. bizzie partners will have the strength and protection in each territory to create a business that will be very hard to compete against. The bizzie home office will always serve to help operators understand these protections and will aid in defending these patents in your territory.

Online Credit Card Billing and Processing:

Trying to manage billing, invoicing and overdue payments are a thing of the past. The bizzie technology is backed with a credit card transactional process that bills at the point of order delivery. It provides a local partner with the ability to keep cash flow under control.

Experience, Best Practices, Training and Support:

bizzie is brought to you by the same team that created CRDN (Certified Restoration Drycleaning Network), the world’s largest textile restoration franchise, and the owners of 1-800-DryClean, a team that has the strength and experience running and growing an international franchise group. The bizzie network of operators will find resources from each other as well as the home office team, to learn best practices and help to influence the growth of the brand. The company’s owners are not just managers, they are also operators. That real world expertise of running a drycleaning operation, allows for better understanding and more support to our partners.