Brand Support

National Brand Footprint, Local Brand Support

The bizzie brand will have the support from a national scale as well as support in each local territory. A combination of techniques will allow partners to market on a micro level, as well as having the benefit of national coverage that will bring new customers to your door.

Below are some of the initial marketing support and brand strategies the bizzie franchise partner can use:

National Media and Marketing:

Through earned media opportunities that maximize coverage of your potential customers, bizzie will be in front of the right customers at the right time. bizzie will start a revolution in the drycleaning and laundry industry. Through media attention, we will help to change the way customers view drycleaning.

Local Media and Marketing:

The bizzie marketing team will provide innovative marketing resources that will change the way you interact with potential customers. The days of bagging doorknobs is over. In its place will be affordable methods to drive customers to the website or mobile app to create accounts and start using the service. Because marketing to individuals can be time consuming, bizzie has created a service that can be marketed to a large group all at once and build new customers and route density without going door-to-door.

During each territory launch, you will choose two local events to have media coverage and event marketing packages that will help you get your bizzie franchise off and running right away. Local events tied to a national scope and story will provide you multiple ways to reach your market in a fast and affordable way.

The bizzie Website:

All bizzie customers will interact with the brand through the consumer focused website. Our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques along with a powerful web presence will help to make bizzie rise to the top of choices in your local market. Local territories will not have to worry about keeping up with technology, updating websites or managing IT. Your new customers will have multiple touch points through technology, all managed through the bizzie home office.

The bizzie Mobile Application:

bizzie customers are already using mobile technology. The bizzie application will allow a convenient interaction, push notification and the ability to stay top-of-mind with your customers on a daily basis.

Social Media Management:

The bizzie home office is responsible for not just managing social media channels, but will be actively introducing the opportunity for your customers to refer new business your way. From our survey research data, your new customers either have, or would recommend the service to a friend 95% of the time. Leveraging social channels to create stories, connectivity and brand personality will help expand the reach of your market.

Brand Support:

We created a high impact design to grab attention, be noticed on the road and to stand out on the crowded streets of urban markets. There will also be advertising support, customer marketing materials, building sales kits, new customer welcome kits and ongoing seasonal marketing opportunities managed by the bizzie home office.

bizziebox POP Marketing:

Each bizziebox system will have the ability to interact with potential customers through easy to read graphics that can provide additional branding opportunities right at the point of purchase. From head cards, side cards, in locker graphics, and wall signage, your customers will know what the bizziebox is there for and how easy it will be to use. Since each location could be different, the bizzie home office will provide a solution for even the most unique placement while still maximizing visibility.

Email Touch Point Marketing:

Because bizzie customers interact through email, mobile applications and text messaging, the bizzie system will provide touch points through these technologies. From reminder emails or alerts through the mobile application, to customer out reach for those who have longer use cycles.