The Process

Easy to Manage. Hard to Beat.

bizziebox Pick-Up & Delivery Locations:

In many locations, there is an untapped customer base in office buildings, apartment/condo complexes, gated communities and in parking garages. It has been almost impossible to gain traction into these areas, until now.

The bizziebox is a set of secure lockers that can be placed nearly anywhere that is easy for customers to access.

The customer signs up for an account online, or can download the mobile application right at the point of the bizziebox location or online. For their first order, they can place their dry cleaning or laundry in any bag, close the locker and type a four-digit personal identification number into the keypad and close the lock. Once the locker is closed, they place the order through the mobile app, or through text message with the locker location and number, and walk away.

The bizzie operator will open the locker, and scan the order immediately into the system. Multiple orders can be processed at the same time, and the driver can make one stop and service a large customer base all at once.

Once the order is complete, it is placed back into an open locker at the original location, and the customer is notified of the box number and code. They can stop and pick up their order on their timeframe, even after regular dry cleaner’s hours. Once the order is returned to the customer, their credit card is charged. New customers will be provided with a bizzie bag and customer tag after the first complete order.

The bizziebox also is uniquely designed (patented) to allow for longer orders, so both boxes, top and bottom, can contain coats, dresses, linens and more without wrinkling the bottom.

Each bizziebox locker runs without the need for electricity and has a small footprint, making them a great fit for LEED Certified buildings as well. Because the lockers are secure, customers can leave orders with peace of mind that their items will be safe until they pick them back up.

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